Database Automation

Enforce coding quality and standards while reducing failed deployments and increasing productivity.

Cloud DevOps Ready

Use with AWS, Azure, DevOps, and Git


Helps secure your code and database environments


Improve query performance and fine tune server configurations.

SQL Server Monitoring

A cost-effective SQL Server Monitoring tool for enhanced visibility, alerting, and performance optimization of database environments.

SQL Atlas is capable of monitoring IaaS, and PaaS environments Ex: Azure PaaS, SQLMI, and AWS RDS. Dashboards and metrics can be added and edited for your convenience.

Enterprise Static Code Analysis

Analyze Code from SQL Server, File system, or Git repositories. SQL Check is a Static Code Analysis tool for T-SQL. It is highly customizable and allows creating of new rules or modify existing ones by leveraging regular expressions(RegEx)

Simplify Administration and increase productivity.

Optimize and secure application's code with Static Code analysis (SQLCheck) and fine-tune server configuration, and resource utilization with Server monitoring (SQLAtlas)

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