Bring the automation of PaaS while keeping the flexibility of IaaS. Completely automate and simplify Database Administration with SaaS Artificial Intelligence

Automated Code Review

SQLCheck can Integrate with GIT repositories to perform Static Code Analysis on *.sql files. The tool also provides the following functionalities straight from the user Interface:

  • Run Static Code Analysis rules against SQL Code in any GIT.
  • Make changes to the files and save them to the repository.
  • Perform advanced GIT operations.

SQLCheck Features

Increase visibility, compliance, productivity and performance with all inclusive Database Administration as a Service. Automation that does not sacrifice flexibility.

Visual and Interactive

RegEx based rules

Definition and resolution for issues

Advanced customization

24/7 support

Multi/thread and lightweight

DevOps and Git compatible

Security and performance-focused

Reduce Costs and Incidents

SQLCheck leverages a hybrid correlation engine based on Regular Expression for simple rules, and C# plugins for more complicated scenarios.
Even though SQLCheck contains several predefined rules. You will have total control over the application.