Database Monitoring

Simplify database management with an all-in-one database monitoring solution built for Database Administrators.


A flat price for up to 100 instances of SQL Server.


Runs inside your network, no SaaS, no Cloud, no agents.

Simpler and flexible

Easly change what to monitor or modify your dashboards.

Cloud Ready

Monitor on-premises, cloud, or PaaS environments. Everything from the same place.

Monitor IaaS, AWS RDS, Azure PaaS or SQLMI. SQL Atlas is capable of connecting to any MSSQL instance.

Extended Flexibility

Create new dashboards and metric definitions, and decide what to monitor and how to visualize it. SQL Atlas allows you to add your own monitoring queries and visualize the results using more than 10 types of visualizations.

Reduce incidents and simplify database management,

The ultimate observability tool for Database Servers monitoring and alerting. Track resource utilization, identify bottlenecks, optimize resource-intensive queries, and get configuration and performance recommendations.

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A cost-effective and simpler approach to database monitoring.