Database Automation

Enforce coding quality and standards while reducing failed deployments and increasing productivity.

Best Practices

Enforce best practices and standards across the organization.

Secure Coding

Discover vulnerabilities and not secure coding practices.


Improve code performance and scaling capabilities.

DevOps Ready

Integrate into your DevOps solution and get automated code review.

This is often used to enforce code quality and standards organization wide, or to increase the productivity of Database Administration teams.

Extended Flexibility

Full control over code analysis rules. Select between default rules and community created packages, or create your own by leveraging Regular Expressions (RegEx) or C# plugins.

Simplify Administration and increase automation.

Reduce the amount of repetitive work and focus on what really matters. Database Administrator surveys reveal that nearly 60% of daily Database Administrators work could be automated by letting computers take care of the repetitive and boring part.

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Simplicity and Flexibility built in a single Application. Create your own rules with Regular Expressions (RegEx) and automate daily code review.

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